Core Services to help you grow in the right direction

Competitive Intelligence

A successful business strategy defines, gathers, analyzes and distributes data about customers, competitors, as well as, external environment shifters that are needed by executives and managers to establish a well-informed strategic decision-making.

The information collected is about the competitors’ capabilities, vulnerabilities and intentions for growth in the market.

To leverage your strengths, there is a need to understand your business, your main industry rivals and uncover new market opportunities.

PMM supports you to:

  • Determine the position of your brand in the mind of the customers.
  • Identify your biggest competitors’ position.
  • Compare, contrast and measure your level of uniqueness in comparison to your rivals.
  • Develop knowledge about the points that influence profitability to increase capacity in a specific industry, and plan the next step.
  • Increase capacity of a specific industry and plan the next step of action.