Core Services to help you grow in the right direction

Retail Audits

With retail auditing, we collect specific data about the clients’ products, as well as about competing products, in order to monitor, track, and take actions towards different market presence criteria.

The key triggers that add value to the collected data are regularity, consistency, and stock level check, when it comes to visibility, accessibility and availability but also price level across different channels.


The products displayed on a regular basis, without any deficiency, maximize sales. Retail supply chain should remain consistent over time for the sustainability of your business.

Stock Level

Retail shelf must be restocked in order to prevent stock-out blunders. A product’s visibility and availability on the retail shelf is important for consistency of sales in the market.

Therefore, it is important to track stock levels, points of sale and promotion material as they are fundamental factors for successful marketing and eventual profit growth

Price level

Price part of audits ensures that the right data is transferred and appropriately interpreted into right pricing decision.