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    Mystery shopping is a measurement tool used to provide a non-biased assessment of how units of your business operate comparing them to predefined standards and your expectations. It measures the quality of your service. Mystery shoppers gather specific information about products and services. They are eyes and ears of your management team in achieving excellent service results. Mystery shopping helps your business to take right business decisions. Mystery shopping helps your business to take right business decisions. PMM understands that your mystery shoppers are the voice that needs to be heard. Mystery shopping offers assistance in identifying the quality of your customer service. PMM is equipped with a pool of well-trained and multi-culturally diverse mystery shoppers who conduct intensive and actual one-on-one interaction with the business.

    Methodology: The customer experience is thoroughly translated into a report that you can use as basis in identifying points on where your business excel most and in which areas you need to improve on. PMM represents some of the finest companies. Why are we the best Mystery shopping company? More than 2000 shoppers have registered at our website and been trained over the years. We have performed thousands and thousands of mystery assignments throughout the entire GCC region with the best feedback both from our clients and our shoppers. We continually invest in the newest technologies and you can be assured that working with PMM is satisfying and rewarding experience.

    Expert Solutions: Our core services are specifically designed to achieve excellent results through analyzing information about your practice comparing it to the competition in your industry. Customers are becoming more demanding in receiving excellent service for certain price. To help you achieve this, there are a few tools we are using:

    • Customized questionnaires
    • Creating tailor-made scenarios
    • Getting direct feedback from the customers
    • Summary reports
    • SWOT analysis as complementary service
    • We are providing solutions to the weaknesses – training services
    • All results are strictly confidential.