• Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is mystery shopping?

    Mystery Shopping is a measurement tool to provide a non-biased assessment of how units of your business operate comparing them to predefined standards and your expectations.  It measures the quality of your service. Mystery shoppers gather specific information about products and services. They are the eyes and ears of your management team in achieving excellent service results.

    How does it work?

    Mystery shoppers act as real and actual customers to ensure the client gets a realistic view of the customers' experience and level of satisfaction. We provide a customized scenario for each visit, according to your needs. Mystery shoppers help you in getting feedback on how to become the best in the market.

    Mystery shopping can target:

    • Locations in person
    • Locations by telephone calls
    • Internet website search
    What is benchmarking?

    It is the process in which an organization evaluates various aspects of its performance in relation to best practices in the same field of work.
    There are two views of learning about yourself. One is to measure yourself against competition and another is comparing your own performance within your company’s enterprises.

    How long do the projects take?

    Most of our projects take one year, but in exceptional cases they can be shorter. We recommend one year of assessment since it is the average period of planning a budget in this fast growing business environment

    How can your business benefit from our solutions?

    Every company is unique and our research take this into account. We will meet your exact needs. Some retailers focus primarily on upselling and suggestive selling techniques. Others place a higher emphasis on staff smiles and friendliness. Others still are concerned with business abuse and shrinkage. We will offer you solutions necessary to implement transformations that can lead immediately and directly to increased customer satisfaction, repeat sales and improved long-term profitability